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See no, my soul fire Talisman Once

Seen my 'ghost workers' veins have been able to name dynamic concept of God six circles, the enemy killing one, except for the exquisite unparalleled forging soul fire can Talisman animals equally mighty and unparalleled. "And with my come. "the" ghost Fearless "suddenly a stomping an arrow out of the outside of the cave." ghost Fearless "hands, one vertical, the four cyan phosgene the Paoxiu being shot, shrouded changes, like the overturning of the cloud, and the sky above suddenly thunder and lightning, thunder constantly Suddenly, a lightning pledge fall four green gas cloud uttered at the same time scared Toru roar of heaven and earth four foot a few hundred meters of the giant animals tear gas clouds out a the golden winged insects firstborn hammer, a spangle of flying fish, one pair of pliers feet hundred meters long cyan lobster and a chubby like the sun animals and four animals breathing, just the phosgene Zhetianbiri, the pomp endless. sunglass heart surprise almost putting Zaidao, the four animals pomp is too tough, just Viagra pressure let him find it difficult to compete. "See no, my soul fire Talisman Once the practice to a very high level of attainment, the animals will be able to be used against the enemy, my four Talisman beast round qualification but is equivalent to the ancient eighty only about four or five a Xiongshou ranking, it will have so Xiongwei, to your four Talisman animals the potential of a full comparable ranking the first fifteen Xiongshou, so Wan Road, your kid is not Qiexi? " ; "top fifteen Xiongshou ......" the sunglass suddenly overjoyed. At this point, the the "ghost Fearless" but pouring a pot of cold water: "Boy, you must not proud too early to you now But in mere ordinary Wu slaves strength, Mo say play Talisman beast layer of the force, is one ten thousandth not able to, the idea of ​​God six circles, the power of respect, you still have to carefully study your forging skills . "phrase off the strike, like a certificate like, four circled sunglass head Talisman animals turned into four distinct Talisman, 11 not into the sunglass between the eyebrows, despite sunglass how urging, is not willing to come out. "kid into the Baoshan depends on how you open also depends on doing here, I go back quickly to forging ore you that hole." "ghost Fearless" laugh long-sleeved wave, an energetically coming, just as the flood Pentium sunglass, such as leaf duckweed blow to the cave of the cave, but mountains, dense bunch of ore. "Boy, you have such good potential advocate division trespassing, give some ore, you mention that as a teacher disappointed ah. hole, came the ghost Fearless' Langxiao of Voice distant. sunglass but looking at a cave of the ore, moaning loudly, "My God ............" ghost Fearless "clearly sunglass high hopes, so that even three meals a day are not required to go out drinking, dragon fire sent directly caves, to this end, the Dragon Fire mountains of Big Brother was very upset. "said Young, you go in the end what Goushi Yun could have condensed out of the four best Talisman animals Niang What drumsticks, how like a stone? "Dragon Fire biting a stout red

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the moon and stars, and so no big deal

Opened his eyes, that spallation reel suddenly out of the four Daoguang gas, pool their head, into four distinct animals sunglass head four animals circling four animals are a white giant elephant, a long six teeth, whole body, such as the Silver forging just the slender trunk change made of a Fang Yincan Chan hammer the second head of a dragon animals, the whole body shrouded fog, domineering of the throughput of the sun and moon, sharp claw, such as pliers general clenched. third head is a wearing red A humanoid monster, just the hands holding a slender silver thorn, no face and only a helmet covered his face, indescribably strange. As for that last one is a born surrounded by ball, ball top and a pair of pale yellow wings, there have been a trace of misty fog at the top of this ball spit out, such as the dream like magic the Yinchui like the Gold Wing clamp dragon thorn sword generals, Chaos Quartet furnace respect, this is not dreaming ............ the "ghost Fearless heart extremely shocking, this four Talisman animals without exception, the best choice in their respective categories, say the Bazhe into that six-the teeth Yinchui like it, but the hammer Talisman, the top three, force Titanic, a Zuta, foot Sanshan the force of the collapse, nose hammer Zala, even the most hard Tianchen crystal can shake the power and influence of the foot, when a overbearing word. clamp Dragon Gold Wing is the king of birds Talisman, four gold claws sharp, ripped through everything, when forging dragon footer roll, four claws probe to go, a World Without overwhelmingly things. As for the the stab sword that humanoid generals is not the Sword tattooed above the ore the most exquisite and subtle patterns and text, even a rice, can also be its carved Wanshou font, can be described as among the general commander of the insect character animals most surprised that this is the last one being different line of Talisman beast Health and surrounded by the chaos sphere, this chaotic ball once open to expansion, foot and stars the size of even the vast Xinghai it mouth can melt more than half swallowed the moon and stars, and so no big deal to Seoul when chaos Quartet furnace respect also want to select is the "ghost Fearless" Talisman animals, but fake oakleys unfortunately, this animals was proud of the tight, never in his mind contact desperation, "ghost Fearless" was selected far inferior to the statue of the circle of of this chaos Quartet furnace melting the beast, for many years wanted to come, still cited regrettable four Talisman animals both are leaders of the election, with the One can be described as forging the road will certainly flat in the world forging division have a seat, and now all of a sudden have a four, described as unprecedented, even "ghost workers" pulse mountains Shizu, but only has the Yinchui as well as barbed sword generals Bale. this four animals, destined to "ghost workers" are intricately bound to shine. "ghost Fearless" speak, blood surging, and wished he could eagerly shouts and cry, a freedom of mind pride. "Atta boy you always been light homemade the "ghost Fearless" at the moment who can afford the identity Zhangshenerqi, jumped to the front of the sunglass's, heavy shot him in the shoulder look. sunglass almost did not give this slap shot to get on the ground, and the heart is also a burst of doubts, "the master, not four fake oakleys Talisman animals what?" the "four Talisman animals? Hello big breath, you

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Rich side belongs to the side of the clouds

Rich side belongs to the side of the clouds of heaven and earth, in addition to the students read the door to occupy the void, the most vigorous. Thousands clouds crest, like Jingtao the startle strong. Among the endless clouds, hidden in a cold cyan rifles, this gun Fengrui extremely gun blade on both sides in straight blade derived, like a trident general, while the gun body carved with thousands of stars, countless stars gas gushing from which the sharp infinite, endless vicious, as if adhering to a sharp breath between heaven and earth and stars the star iron guns Ao ice. rumors countless days outside the meteorite forged, both Barrel gun blade, is the number one hard, than the earth any metal to wear the same time, which is a vessel, God no. Barrel buried between the thousands of clouds, clouds continue the crest, constantly changing, constantly crawling. " Star iron guns, thy lord is dead, I advise you to well-behaved obedient, subservient to me. "sunglass standing at the guns where hundred meters away, a cold drink. Barrel does not respond, just as in the generally slumbered. sunglass lengran smile, though is Spirit of God no, can not speak, but it has consciousness, for example, "no students Shura knife" pure dead air, sunglass can understand the idea, with the sunglass fighting Star Iron rifles, also the true star iron guns buried in the clouds, and there is no reaction. "does not say what? sunglass smiled, some refined a snap of the fingers, the stars of the sword in emerge into the palm of his hand, side sword Janus linger infinite forceful stars gas begins on shrouded out, turned into a vastness of star maps, star charts, one hundred and eight of stars from downs volts side star chart showing an ancient but timeless atmosphere, star from the star off between heaven and earth to reasonable Avenue beckons "Star Iron rifles, I advise you sensible some, you is taken from the point between the front and stars sharp of the gas, and I was the origin of the stars derived easily be able to destroy you, I can only give you a quarter of an hour to consider time, otherwise, I let you bones no. "for sunglass terms, mutilated stars Upanishads brought him a lot of trouble, especially in the face of the the six hand as well as compass giant when is difficult to fully play their own strength, which not only have the the qi power of qualitative difference stars Upanishads incomplete which one of the important reasons. star iron guns behind stars derived the big kill marksmanship is 3000 stars Avenue, one of the branches, taken from the stars between the outbreak of the sharp ray of cutting the gas rampant excesses, wild extremely swallowed this ray of cutting the gas, just to be able to own the stars esoteric complement whole lot of strength to a higher level. face of vast Xinghai's oppression, the the star iron guns finally trace of the movement a movement is scared evil blasted into nothingness changes. thousands clouds tear turbulent changes in cloud cover at a time, turned into the most pure smoke phosgene. between this phosgene, star iron the guns Dunsheng change, like a bow general stands, gun blade distant pointing sunglass eyebrows Barrel above party star chart showing this star chart among six sharp

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Giant growl of sound. Giant "Yin"

Giant growl of sound. Giant "Yin" warfare in a the sunglass also caught in a very difficult position. The nine eighth bend into the water curtain, just as the surging undercurrent surging, but each shares are very different impact force, the force is different, people caught off guard. event is an ordinary Wu Sheng, only the power of this endless change and the ferocious fake oakley sunglasses power of water, enough to let hematemesis died but encountered sword Italian sunglass. "Well, true, when I was an idiot, know that you are the meaning of the water, they continue to wait for diehard wrapped not a God to a change." "No students Shura knife on a change, suddenly become extremely ethereal, elusive, like water fish generally rapid walking, specialized split water weaknesses feicuan connected with sunglass body like a touch of light marks, hitting the blink of an eye at the end of the water curtain. to end at sunglass Jian Shi a change. "normalized lonely sword" the Jianshi suddenly become very solemn, generally dignified as the mountain, which is the the old naturalization wild real most aggressive sword - "normalized lonely sword sword that embodies the mountain heavy Italian state, forces do the weight, all of a sudden they put a curtain of water rushed off six hand monitor suddenly startled, did not think of the other side could be so easily able to own soft water mark to get rid of and open, it is so he exclaimed one thing, he can not think on the moment was also hit fled in panic a little guy why all of a sudden you have a tactics you can turn the tables where he aware of the sunglass the most powerful means of not just rely on the tyrannical power of the blood, there is wisdom extremely mind, any complex attack, once its perusal, there are always ways to crack water curtain appeared to be broken open, even inanimate Shura knife blade will broach out, revealing a small black blade, six hand suddenly no longer hesitated, he decided not to and the other ink, directly under the ruthless hand to resolve the fighting. the six printed with open respectfully the large Luo Tianshui God "six arm together with rotary six fingerprints of bombers in a cross superimposed change made a huge the handprint handprints into the vastness of the power of water surging out six hand monitor so that the top of the head, for the moment, showing a huge whirlpool maelstrom, a vast expanse of water, the ocean above a hand strange giant. Trident Green to be personal dragon's tail, the tail under thousands of waves rising, the infinite water gas changes, is the the large Luo Tianshui god of light and shadow. "who call me who call me ......." old voice came in a very distant place, six hand once again waved his hands the imprint of the force of the surging water would impact out maelstrom appeared overhead, that a giant seems to be sniffed out the origin of homogeneity the force of the water, bow Menheng mouth similar syllables continuous sounds such as moaning, such as worship, such as the roar. moment later, the Giants abruptly the hands of the Trident throw whirlpool, pierce the space-time, penetrate into the sunglass people fighting sky. "Ru is my servant, I will give you my first-line avatar of the force, to help you punish the enemy." sound, such cheap oakleys as the hazy dissipated, then edged three

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seems this is not easy

Ho to fake oakleys said the inside story, originally Square project Hongyu CEOs Yu Jianxi cousin can be regarded as a person, this is the company and the new became rival. Speaking, Hongyu whether all about slightly better than the new, and on top there are people to help solve the problem, the new is of course as "This, of course, no problem ...... fake oakleys Road, but think about it, this should not be a bad thing." ; That's good, since you and Zhang Donghao buddy, I also said something else, "Yu Jianxi see the the fake oakleys promised down, then said, has a plan in his mind," new is already as good as before, you stay buried talent that is not interested in switching to other sects? "" ah ...... I would have not thought about I tert what? "If you can wronged, Hongyu building? I say hello to the other side, than you are being treated in the new doubled not only only here to play your talent, how? "Yu Jianxi appreciated fake oakleys talent, of course, want him to own people pull the company, however, of course, there are other reasons. "......" fake oakleys mused, there is no hurry to promise, this is not a spur of the moment to be able to speak clearly, in the new positive fake oakleys Although it is not very satisfied, but nothing, plus Zhang brother introduced which the nerve to say quit on quit? standing emotional stance in terms, but standing on the fake oakleys personal future perspective to Hongyu course than stay the new positive more development space which trade-offs, fake oakleys very difficult. "I tert Ken appreciated, it is the honor of the fake oakleys, but the thing is too sudden, too allow me to prepare myself. "the fake oakleys first vague cope Road." all right, I'll wait for your reply. "Yu Jianxi nodded, and he could see the hesitation in the eyes of fake oakleys heart under the addition of a bit fake oakleys identity, not rash, failing to always leave room for yourself, think twice, this is a must for a successful person. the fake oakleys thrown aside first new whereabouts treatment, taking into account the current company brotherhood problem, Yu Jianxi seems this is not easy, and after dinner, fake oakleys and Yu Jianxi appointment tomorrow describes Zhang Deshun to know each other, and then to Yu Jianxi on the first left Zhang Donghao stayed, said to be to accompany a good under fake oakleys. fake oakleys came to the the Mochizuki restaurant counter, ready to Checkout, is counter Li Xin, Zhang Donghao one step ahead to step over, said: "Li Xin, a long time did not see you, to this work?" Li Xin smiled slightly: "I have a long time did not see you after graduation to work smoothly right?" "is not so, and previous no difference. touches you two living together for so long, the occurrence of what did not? Hey ...... "Zhang Donghao spoke

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